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Benefit for the Family of John Lewis

Sometimes, real superheroes are just small children, fighting big battles.


John Lewis was a 4th grader from Pulaski Elementary School. He was 9 years old, and was typical of most children his age. He loved building with legos and collecting superheros, especially batman and buzz light year.

But what set him apart from most children was his medical difficulties. He had been battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare cancer mainly found in young children, for about 6 years. This winter his body stopped responding to chemotherapy and the tumors have taken over his abdomen and kidneys. John and his family were told by his doctors that all options had been exhausted and John spent the remainder of his life, resting at home, with family, and hospice making him as comfortable as possible.

John passed on May 17, 2019, just two weeks prior to this benefit. He is survived by his parents, William and Karen Lewis of Pulaski, both of whom have felt the impact of caring for a sick child, emotionally and financially. As well as two sisters, Sierra and Virginia both of Richland and one brother, William of Richland.

This is a family that needs the support of the community. Both through monetary help, but equally through the comfort of knowing their community is their with them in their time of need.

Please, as a valued community member, find a way to help lift this family up and help them gain back their smiles and their way of life.

We have been working on several means to raise money for the families initial struggles. But we are also working on ways to make John’s life, while short, a reminder that life can be that, and that everyday should be filled with smiled and big dreams. So, please check back with us at this site and on our facebook page to see how you can help John live on.

Thank you to our current sponsors who have helped make this possible, and to the community members who have donated their time or have donated financially to see this through.

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